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    A problem

    I purchased this game not long ago and when i wanted to sing in to play online, it asked for a prooduct key,but i didnt get anything along with the game. Can you tell me how to find one without online purchase?
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    Where did you buy the game?
    1) UbiSoft
    2) Steam
    3) Some other web site
    4) Web site selling game keys for cheap?
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    I bought it from the ubi online shop and product key was in my confirmation email
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    Login with ur ubi account at uplay and check ur purchase. it should be like this

    Order Date: XXXXXXX
    Order Number: XXXXXX
    Order Total:XXXXXX€
    Thecharge(s) will appear on your credit card as "DRI*Ubisoft Store".
    You willbe sent an email with your order details at the address provided.

    • Serial Number: XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX

    • PC (Electronic Download)
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    When you download the install file to ur pc, copy-paste when finished to another location and keep it. UBI has a stupid 'extended digital support' by money of course, which forbits ya to redownload the game after 30 days of purchase. This is to me totally nasty thing to leech more money from buyers. When you buy the phisical box, which has same price, you have the disc forever - why no be able to have the download forever aswell?
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    actually i bought it in a CD-store i suppose there is the problem
    i need to buy it online to actually play online with my friends
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    Hi, you can contact technical support they will be able to advise you, the link is in my signature.
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