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    Patch 1.3 delay & idiotic aprils fools faction joke.

    I have long stopped playing heroes 6 when I realised patch 1.2 did not fix any of the major issues. But I still check the forums once every 2 or 3 weeks to see if something is happening that would change Heroes 6 into more then a good looking promise of a game.

    Now the initial silence of 3 month where we didn't know if we are actually getting any more patches was already really bad.
    Then the announcment of what 1.3 is going to change was another major blow because it essentially doesn't adress any more issues whatsoever. That on top of this this lackluster patch is already delayed for a month, this makes them look like total utter amateurs.

    But what really pissed me off is when I looked at the heroes main page today and saw the aprils fool joke with the new faction .
    After they have screwed up continuously for almost 1 year and released a game that is broken and unplayable I think everyone will agree with me they waive thier privilages to make aprils fool jokes on the announcement page.

    The announcements there are already a joke, there is no reason to mock the people who are loyal fans to heroes with this sh*t and play with thier hopes of a new faction and a working game.
    I would be interested in real news and real communication with the heroes team. Not have announcements that are utterly useless and in the case of the last one boarderline insulting to me as a fan.

    Maybe it's just me who still get pissed and most people moved on long ago but I certainly felt like writing this rant here to release some of my anger.
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    you are angry with 4 angry smilies, might want to lighten up a little? I felt pretty agitated about that faction joke, for reasons you have stated very well, but than realized, it's just about a silly game.
    focus somewhere else, it'll turn out fine in the end.
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    No need to be mad, plenty of nice games waiting out there. I have Civ 5 and it's so fun - even the forums are sooooooooo alive. Teehee!
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    I agree with him tho,if he hadnbt made this Thread,probably I would have or posted into another topic.Its a joke for several reasons, but mainly(imo) that there is no communication whatsoever,then they come out of the woods w some excuse and everything will be better bla bla..then you hear nothing at all again except from mesh/mosh, sry dont remember but they have the time to put a freaking joke up the mainpage, and if that wasnt enough,they even made animations/pictures.
    Invest the time better please?
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    I agree 100% with you, this kind of behaviour is so much unprofessional. Investing time into this, while the community is in the dark.
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