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    Lol, redemption? Who decided that was a top clan? We were on Joker as well.
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    Redemption was nobody on APB. But doesn't matter, that game is dead now anyway.

    BESIDES THAT, we're still recruiting.
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    I'm curious, is this a clan or a gaming community? There's a difference... But who am I, I haven't even finished downloading the Launcher yet!
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    We're essentially a gaming community, in that we all play a couple different games with each other. Currently we're only recruiting in GRO and TERA.
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    Alright, I was just making sure. I had once founded a gaming community which is still running under new leadership (Not my call but long story) and comparing a gaming community to a clan would be hurtful plus clans are typically limited to member size. Does GRO support controllers? I am not a PC player so I can't use the keyboard and mouse to play to save my life but i can use a controller... DON'T HATE! lol
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    Uh, we don't really care what anyone calls us. Call us a group of friends that steamroll competitive shooting games together. Clan/guild/community doesn't really matter to me.

    You will get your *** handed to you five times over if you use a controller on a PC shooter. No idea if it supports it.
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    id do better with a controller than a dang kb/m... i even hate using keyboards for basic typing, they piss me off
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    I'm officially a civilian and back in Massachusetts. We're officially back in business (whenever GRO is officially back in business, of course).
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