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    Is there any plans for Clan interactivity like clan match making?

    I see there is a section for recruitment but nothing internally no place for Tags or anything of that nature. I kinda understand the 8 v8 structure so their should be some kind of ladder system for clans i think it would take this game to the next level and implementing this system would be trivial your metrics and data collection already in place is robust enough to expand.

    On a side note im really enjoying the game even though the hours a pretty harsh. from one Dev. to another good job thus far.

    Joshua Billups, Level Designer
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    One of the Ubisoft staff members acknowledged the lack of social integration when it comes to clans. They said they had some ideas in place for integrating clan stuff but nothing set in stone thus-far.
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    Hey, Cortexian

    Slappy Here, Well its good to know that they are aware, let hope somthing makes it in for launch.
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