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    Looking for US beta Keys, I have a key UK for trade.

    I have a few friends looking to play from what i have been able to play i think its easly the best F2P Shooter on the market by far and i would really like to enjoy it with friends. plz PM if you want to trade or have a spare.
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    What time does the UK beta run from and do u download the same application?
    I'll PM you for a trade if I can benefit from the hours
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    all i can really find about time frames is 11am to 11pm (UK Time) 12pm to 12am (Central European Time) no matter how you slice it you window of play time much higher with a full 12 hour cycle, as for how it the App differs i dont know

    here is the UK site: http://ghostrecononline.uk.ubi.com/

    me know if you want to trade.
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