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    Hey gang! This is my first thread so I want to say "whazzup!" to the community and let everyone get to know me a little. My IGN is "EliteSpectre". I've been hardcore gaming for about 3 years and counting and since having entered GRO, I've finally met the challenge that I've been looking for. This is hands down the most awesome FPS I have ever played, and I've played a bunch. MOH, BFBC2, COD, AVA, Crossfire, MAT...the list goes on. I'm definitely into the tactical, technical edge that GRO provides since it's not just another one of those "tank and die" type of platforms. I'm looking forward to the future as GRO develops and the sky is the limit from there. I want to thank those for welcoming me and if you don't know me yet...you will....the moment i get you stuck in the crosshairs. >=) Happy gaming to you all and if anyone wants to friend me up, just ask...I'll be delighted. \m/(>.<)\m/ Stay cool!
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    Hello Spectre! It is so nice to have you on our forums -- thank you for introducing yourself and for joining us. I agree, GRO is incredible! I love the teamwork elements!

    Definitely looking forward to seeing you around here, and in game!
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