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    Job posting (3D Programer - Splinter Cell 6 PC)

    I noticed an active job posting for a 3D programer on Splinter Cell 6 PC:

    This mean's two things...
    1. If you're looking for a job, now's the time to apply. They posted it over 30 days ago.
    2. Splinter Cell 6 is well underway. While I don't work in the video game industry, it seems they have moved from the development stage into the building stage.

    So, that's good. But I must say that I'm losing interest in this forum since I'm sure their plans have been finalized and that means our feedback will no longer have any impact. I hope they listened, but I doubt die-hard old-school players will be happy with the end product. We'll see...

    You know, this posting could actually be a PR ploy to get fans like me speculating. None of the other 38 postings mention anything about specific games.
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    Yea, "PC programming" used to be the absolutely last part before releasing the game. (Some companies do this only months before releasing and that is why are PC ports so bad...) But there is written "3D PC programming" and if you read specifications, it is purposed for core engine improvements. So this can be done anytime during the development, so we can't decide anything from it.

    But sad for me, that Toronto is so far from me, I would like to try to apply for job like this...
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