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    Ghost Recon Online: Closed Beta Xbox 360

    Okay so just like most people I have bought Splinter Cell Conviction ages ago hoping that the Ghost Recon beta would come out. It finally did, (yay) but what I want to know is this beta ONLY for PC? I would like to play this on xbox seeing how I bought SC:C on xbox. If you could play this on xbox would somebody play explain to me how I could do this, I do have the beta key in my email. Also if the beta is only PC (which I'm thinking it is) could someone tell me if there will ever be a beta for the Xbox and if so when will it come out. I've been waiting for this beta for ages and it would suck if I couldn't play the beta for xbox, and wasted $60 on SC:C seeing how I'm not a fan of conviction like the older splinter cells.
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    You are thinking of the wrong title, Ghost Recon Online is a completely different title compared to Ghost Recon Future Soldier.
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    Okay now that I know there's a difference between GR:O and GR:FS I guess I should find the GR:FS forums and get the rest of my answers the
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