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    I need ps3 friends to fight on my side

    Ok I am a great team player (not just that someone else wins and i contribute) but I always do a artillery and tank offensive when in battle and it goes well when im in a 2v2 however when I create my units and the other player quits it leaves me stranded in a loosing battle as I cannot control all of the units at once. eg AT AA air units and my beloved tanks and artillery.

    so I am asking if anyone wants to help and wont quit mid match (which a lot of people do).

    my psn ID is walshe121-

    do not miss the dash at the end. and also anyone even if remotely interested please do not refrain to contact me.
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    I'll play with you. My PSN is "Whopper44". I'm good with tank assaults and bombing the enemy HQ early in the game.
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