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    G27 not recognised?


    I have a Logitech G27 but am unable to use it in game. I see it isn't in the list of supported wheels at launch, but it looks like patch 1.04.1114 (which I have) should support it. I found instructions for copying the 0xc295 folder to 0xc29B, but that folder is already there (possibly from the patch?). When I go into the settings screen for the wheel there are no bindings showing, but I can't add new ones. It just doesn't seem to see any of the wheel's ****ons, pedals or steering.

    I have updated my wheel drivers but it's still the same. I am running Windows 7 64 bit.

    Any help or pointers gratefully accepted.

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    Really? Nothing at all? I'd really like to play this game, but not with keyboard only.
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    In case this turns up on anyone else's google search, I removed my Logitech wireless gamepad receiver and the game recognised the wheel properly. I still have my logitech wireless headset connected, so I'm thinking it's some conflict specific to the gamepad.

    Anyway, happily hooning around the streets of LA now.
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