The manuever of riding the horse in Assassin's Creed makes me desire to see Ubisoft create a game where the player gets to ride a thoroughbred racehorse at a Racetrack. I know thoroughbred racing is pretty big in England, as well as here in the US, but there is actually NO GAME existing for PS3 that involves the sport of horse racing. If all the factors of racing horses is put into play the action would be certainly even more fun than racing vehicles. There are so many racing games involving vehicles but not one for horse racing. As much as so many people love the racing games just how fantastic would the 3D feel be to race amongst a pack of 10 -20 other racehorses where strategy comes into play, along with a little luck and, if Ubisoft can create it, a constantly building program illustrating all the participating horses' past performances that would help predict or help in the strategy of riding your horse to victory. There are so many avenues that can be explored here and only Ubisoft can do this best.