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    Coming from a tactical background, this game should not be third person. GR franchise took a wrong turn when they went third person.
    Stay more realistic with first person. keep the speed of the game slow. should be like GR1 where a shot can wound you or kill you depending on the place you shoot. Just make GR 1 with mordern graphics charge for the game and some extra content and you'll have a winner. Just what me and a few others of the more tactical side think, but then we do get ignored alot.
    That Takedown game from those REDSTROM guys sound like a Great IDEA.!

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    Not sure what your "tactical background" is, but I served in the Canadian Forces primary reserve for a few years. I absolutely love the 2rd person style, there are enough FPS games out there that this is a welcome change. I'd say that 3rd person adds more tactical options into the game.
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