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    Evil Corp Gaming Ghost Recon Clan!

    (XBOX 360)

    Hey everyone,
    So I know the game hasn't come out yet, but the beta is launching in a little more than a week. I am a part of Evil Corp Gaming, a gaming Clan/Community that is composed of competitive players as well as casual players. In ECG you will be introduced to other players with the same favorite games, and will play with them and can also talk with them on the fully functional website. Evil Corp Gaming has recognized that Ghost Recon looks like it has the potential to be an amazing competitive and casual game. ECG is looking to start a Ghost Recon Division, and will do so once we have a a decent number of players who display interest. You can let us know that you are interested by replying to this thread, or by going to our website:

    EvilCorpGaming.com (link updated for anyone who was having trouble)

    The way most of our divisions (sections of players who play the same game) work is that players will all get to know each other and become friendly. But there will also be smaller sections within the division dedicated to the more competitive players while another section is dedicated to the more recreational players. So whether you want to play GB/MLG or just play co-op/campaign with friends, you will definitely find a place within Evil Corp Gaming.

    So if you're interested, let us know. We will get all your information and can even start to get you into the community before the beta even starts, just by playing with you on other games (we have people playing almost every game out there.) Once the beta launches, we will all start playing together and start getting a sense of where everyone fits within the community. And then of course once the full game drops, we will really start to get the ball rolling.

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    Hi Snake Eyes, I am not sure what is wrong with Slem's link, but the website it working just fine, try this link EvilCorpGaming.com. Once you sign up, you will need to fill out an app and the a recruiter will contact you right after that, it is our way of keeping out the ******'s all over xbox live. Thank you for your interest in ECG and I look forward to gaming with you, add me if you would like to. GT - ECGxSavage.
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    Hey snake,
    Like Savage said, that was my bad, probably posted a bad link. I'll update it now. But yea, it sounds like you'd fit really well in ECG, we've already a handful of people who are going to be playing the Beta and the full game, and I'm sure the Ghost Recon Division will grow a lot once people are actually able to get their hands on a game.

    From the videos I've seen, it looks like snipers will have a major effect on who wins or loses (unlike some other games) so it would be great to have players like you who prefer to snipe.

    So check out the website when you get the chance, and you can apply to the new Ghost Recon Division. You can also add me or Savage on XBL. My GT: Slem Dog

    Look forward to playing with you!
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    I have most shooter games, and I'm down to play any of them, so whenever you're on, we can play. BF3, Halo Reach, MW3, Gears 3.
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    hey i will join
    im a competitive player, been on top teams for all the cod games
    although cod is getting very boring right now and this game looks the way forward:P signed up to your site
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    Hey slem and savage I am not looking for a clan but trying to get interest in a website I play on its www.sbgaming.com it's a mature website with a large amount of established teams. A good portion of our teams come from good roots of honesty and fair play. We also have a good amount of military veterans on our site. I see your community is a vast and diverse group and I'm sure they would love the opportunity to come and play for a fun no hassle website.

    We currently are in the middle of our second season of MW3. With roughly 25 teams in contention to make playoffs. Ghost Recon will be the main focus of the site and the ladders will be plentiful once the game comes out so it will suit all types of game play opportunities. I'm sending both of you a Friend Request on XBL. So if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to message me.

    Update - sent FR to Slem, Savage has a full Friends list

    Thanks hope to see you on our site.

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    Now that the beta is out we have about 10+ members who are on this game daily. If interested please Message Slem or myself. My GT is ECGxSavage if you would like to play some games and find out more. Also make sure to check out EvilCorpGaming.com for more info.

    Viiruks91, what is your GT and I will add you and get some games in.
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    hey guys how you but anyways if any body on here needs some one to vouch or just play with im always on my xbox playing something and ussually with some cool kids too but send me a invite and any question bout joining EvilCorpGaming just ask ill try to be as helpful as i can
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    We will be on again tonight playing the the new Saboteur mode if anyone would like to try it out with a team. Make sure to check us out, EvilCorpGaming.com
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    Hey so the beta's almost over but we've still got one more day to play the game. So if you're interested, hit us up tomorrow night and you can see if you like playing Ghost Recon with us.

    But of course after the beta ends, we're still going to be recruiting. Like Savage said, we've already got 10+ guys, and the full game hasn't even dropped yet. But we're looking to have an even larger division by the time the game launches, and then to continue growing after the launches. So if you're interested in being a part of an already large and growing Ghost Recon Community, check out our website and the forums.

    And just to repeat some of the stuff we've been saying, if you're interested in competitive or just casual, you'll find a place within the Ghost Recon Division. We'll have competitive teams, and we'll also have groups of players who are only interested in public multiplayer matches and co-op campaign

    GT: Slem Dog
    Contact me on xbox if you've got any questions
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