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    =CK= Recruiting Skilled and Active Players

    Important Info in Red.
    Other info in Blue.
    Application info in Green

    Cold Killerz has been serving in the Gaming World for almost 5 years now, and it is not done! We have just restarted to Recruit for GRO, and are now updating all clan content and appliances to support GRO. =CK= was a part of Genesis A.D. so you might even know us, or you might not know us now but eventually... You will. You will know of the only Clan that gets along like a family but owns with Vengeance and Fury.
    =CK= is a gaming community all about Friendship and Gaming. =CK= is a community of trust and understanding. Trust and Understanding is referring to integrity, strength, ability and surety of an individual. Our main Goal is to Have Fun While Playing and also Play with Skills. But Don't think for a Second that we are weak, cause if you do, you will be showered with ownage and sprinkled with proness (yes its a word).
    We are a Multi-Gaming Clan. =CK= Clan Site: www.coldkillerz.clan.su

    Requirements and How To Join:
    We are Currently Recruiting Only Those who are Active and Skilled.
    Main Requirements:
    Note: These may change after CB.
    • KD: 1.5
    • Level: 4 on main character
    • Age: 17+, unless you prove that you are mature.
    • Comms: Able to use Teamspeak 3, prefreably with a mic.
    • Rules: Able to follow common sense. plus Rules and Regulations.
    • Active: Active and Able to follow schedule (Practice times, Scrims, Tourneys, etc)

    To Join:
    Note: Follow step by step.
    1. Make sure you meet ALL requirements.
    2. Add Neon, ingame.
    3. Get on our Teamspeak 3 server.
    4. Within 48 hours, we will get in touch with you and hold a "Try Out"
    5. While you are waiting, fill out an Application and post it as a reply! (See next section.)
    6. If you pass, further information will be given privately.

    • IGN:
    • KD:
    • Level:
    • Top Class:
    • Have Teamspeak 3? If so, what about a mic?
    • Previous Scrim or FPS experience:
    • Why pick =CK= and not another clan?

    Information About =CK=:
    Main Info:
    Website: www.coldkillerz.tk
    IP: ts.alienworldhosting.com:1337
    No password needed.

    Leader IGN and Xfire
    • Founder: Neon Xfire: NeonSoldierX
    • GRO Leader: Soon to come

    =CK= Features:
    • Skilled Members willing to share their knowledge.
    • 5 Years of longevity
    • 5 Years of leadership experience from Neon.
    • A Teamspeak 3 Server
    • A Website
    • Scheduled Practice times.
    • Participation in competitive leagues

    Games Supported by =CK=:
    • Aion (Fun)
    • Battlefield 3 (Competitive)
    • Blacklight: Retribution (Competitive)
    • Dragon Nest (Fun)
    • Leauge of Legends (Competitive)
    • MicroVolts (Competitive)
    • Minecraft (Fun)
    • Operation 7 (Competitive)
    • Repulse (Competitive)

    Other Info:
    Note To Other Clans:
    We are friendly to others clans.
    If you are looking for a good clan to merge or create an alliance with we are always open to that.
    Temporary Teamspeak usage is available if your clan needs it.

    If you have any questions/concerns/comments, please feel free to post.
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    Clan Updates:
    Leadership Application:
    Want to help lead =CK= in Ghost Recon Online? Fill out this application and post it in reply!

    Leadership Requirements:

    MUST have a Mic.

    MUST play more than the average member.

    MUST be able to follow ALL Rules and Regulations

    MUST meet member requirements


    List any past leadership experience:

    List Scrim/Leauge experience:

    How long have you been playing FPS?

    How often do you play?

    Any special talents? (Coding, gfx, etc.)
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    Still looking for Leaders to help us as we start off!
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    Bumpin it up!
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    Sowexly's Avatar Member
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    Apr 2012
    Hey mate sounds interesting

    But I don't see a section in your forums for GRO where should I post my application?
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    Just post it here.
    Thanks for your intrest!
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    Sowexly's Avatar Member
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    Apr 2012
    IGN: BloodNinja
    KD: 1.5 (really should ask for damage differential because getting kills comes second to securing the objective(s).
    Level: 8 ATM
    Top Class: Recon

    Have Teamspeak 3? If so, what about a mic?
    Hosted my own TS3 for a while, got that mic and headset

    Previous Scrim or FPS experience:Just about everything but I like Tom Clancy games the most ^_^
    Pretty good at all of them, invoking rage in others (on accident) but I try to cheer them up afterwords ;D

    Why pick =CK= and not another clan?
    I want a solid place to meet players that are active and willing to work together, also TS3 is a must and you guys seem to know that.

    EDIT: I would like to add that I'm a college student (19) and I would be willing to be a leader for the GRO section.
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    Sounds good, I'll have our Division leader try you out! Try to stay on our TS3 server in the meantime.
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    Sowexly's Avatar Member
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    Apr 2012
    I'll jump in when I get a chance, servers are down ATM
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    •IGN: Code X
    •KD: 0.5+ (likely higher, but like to practice melee strategies - plus with server down, can't tell ya exactly)
    •Level: 20+
    •Top Class: Recon
    •Have Teamspeak 3? I usually prefer Ventrilo, but have used TS3 before. If so, what about a mic? uummm...why use a chat app with no mic?
    •Previous Scrim or FPS experience: GR Orig (Competitive-2003-2009), GRAW(fun), BF Series(fun), COD Series(fun)
    •Why pick =CK= and not another clan? Been playing FPS for many years, and would like to be part of an active clan again.

    I understand my K/D ratio is low, but its my average in non-organized matches.

    I'm usually fairly active, would like to join a clan that is just as active.

    Code X
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