Developed by Acclaimed Studio Loot Drop, A Traditionally Hard-Core Series Comes to Facebook for All Types of Gamers

London, UK April 4, 2012 Today, Ubisoft announced that Tom Clancys Ghost ReconCommander, a fast-paced tactical combat game, is currently in development for Facebook and is scheduled to be available this spring.

Tom Clancys Ghost Recon Commander is being developed by Loot Drop, co-founded by famed, award-winning game designers and developers John Romero and Brenda Garno Brathwaite. Brathwaite, who also serves as the games lead designer, has created a Facebook game with high production values and deep gameplay that hard-core gamers have come to expect from console games. While the Ghost Recon franchise is rooted in hard-core gaming, Ghost Recon Commander will be approachable and fun for all types of Facebook gamers, including both hardcore and social game players. Loot Drop is also developing the game for mobile platforms.

In Tom Clancys Ghost Recon Commander, players will be able to develop their own Ghost, an elite Special Forces operator utilizing stealth, firepower and exciting near-future technology to take command of the battlefield against impossible odds. Following Ubisofts companion gaming strategy, players are encouraged to play the game before jumping into Tom Clancys Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, which will be available on consoles May 25th and Ghost Recon Online, available later this year on PC. By playing Tom Clancys Ghost Recon Commander, players will be able to unlock exclusive items and bonuses giving them a head start when playing Ghost Recon: Future Soldier and Ghost Recon Online.

Other features in Tom Clancys Ghost Recon Commander include:
  • Gamer on the Go: Players have the ability to pick up where they left off in Tom Clancys Ghost Recon Commander; it doesnt matter if theyve been away from the game for a day or for an hour, time is not a constraint.
  • Customization: Ghosts can be upgraded and customized with state-of-the-art weaponry, armor and near-future gadgets.
  • Asynchronous Co-op: Players will be able to have friends join them on missions or offer themselves up as a mercenary for hire.

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About Loot Drop:
Loot Drop is an independent mobile and social game development studio founded in November 2010. A design-driven company, Loot Drop is home to numerous veteran game developers, including John Romero, Brenda Garno Brathwaite and Tom Hall who have designed groundbreaking and award-winning titles respected throughout the world. Loot Drop is headquartered in San Bruno, CA. Loot Drop believes in fun.

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