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    Looking for an Adult Gamer Community? Couch Potato Gamers for PS3!!!!!

    Are you looking for an adult mature community of gamers?

    If so, check us out. We have very active forums and never take ourselves too serious. We take pride in being a casual gamer who does not have the time game 23 hours a day. If you like knowing that you can get online and play with clan members who have your back and not with randoms all the time; if you want a group of like minded players who enjoy gaming and the tactical aspect of shooters, but do not want to have to worry about KDR or making it to "practice" then check us out.


    We are currently playing:
    Battlefield 3
    Ghost Recon: Future Soldier

    We will soon be in
    DUST 514

    Please add ER-Twin to ask any questions or to request an invite
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    We are a great group of [GAM]ers who love to play as a team. We are laid back and understand gaming is not everything but a nice retreat from the rigours of everyday life.

    Come take a look, what will it hurt?

    Couch Potato [GAM]ers Site
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    Who is getting the PS3 beta through PS+? You can expect a lot of [GAM]ers playing the beta when it releases
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    now then shadow

    well well was looking to join a group for this game & what do i see some of my old buddies already here
    i'd ask if i could join but since u have deleted me of psn i'l take it as a no lol hope to see u in battle tho
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    Well hold on a minute Cris. We just never saw you around the site and we are trying to keep a clean house. We would love to have you join us again. If you want to just let me know and I will make it happen.

    That goes for anyone looking to get this game. Come take a look at the site and join us!

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    Cris if I deleted you off PSN I did not mean to. I have cleaned up my PSN because I hit max friends awhile back with all the BF3 people joining. I am sorry if I did. As far as the removal from the website the system bans inactive members and we have lost a few people who we did not mean to before we changed the system. I would love to link up for Ghost Recon
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    lol no probs i'm still allowed on the website i stick my head in now & again it will b good to team up again with u both looking forward to it
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    looking forward to it buddy. It sucks that the beta is next week now...I did send you a friend request last night
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    ER-tyson1888's Avatar Member
    Join Date
    Apr 2012
    why not check us out? we are a well organised and established, international clan that simply enjoys picking up the PS pad and teaming up with like-minded clane mates for a bit of fun.
    We are always looking for new recruits so hit us up at http://www.couchpotatogamers.org/.
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    Alright game is pre-ordered, now just waiting on the beta on April 19th. We will have a few members in that and would love to have some more.

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