Has this happend to any one els?i got on tonight after not playing for about a week, to find that every thing i have bought with abstergo credits is gorn as if i have never bought them.
Everything exsept my Coustom Characters. And states and titles.
My classes are all gorn(but they still are named but says i have to buy them). My abilitetys, perks, kill streaks and death streaks.Also my crafting ablitys are gorn, and my player emblem are all gorn as if i never bought them.
i am a about level 30 1st prestige if that has anything to do with it. but i had it all last week and now i dont. also i had 140 abstergo credits and that hasnt change.
Every thing is able to buy but i had allready bought everything.

Could really appreciat the help thanks