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    My BETA Experience

    I am posting this just to state my experience playing the BETA. I don't want to offend or start any real debates, but they asked for my input so here it goes:Graphics are pretty good for a free online BETA. They could be better but they most certainly could be worse. I understand from other BETA's I have done that often what yous see is a scaled down version of what the final will look like, so I can see past that. I jumped into a lobby and the game started. To the best of my knowledge there is no way to change classes during the match. If there is it is not obvious how to do it. When I tried to back out to change classes, I was apparently the host and ended the game resulting in many bad names tossed my way. Awesome. That aside, be a sniper at all times. They are unstoppable and can kill with one shot almost every time or at least 2. If a sniper has an alley way covered, you will not beat him or survive more than a few feet running down it. I hate when games "nerf" snipers but this is a bit much here. I has killed 7 times in a match. 6 of which where from head shots by the same two snipers. The other team was also all snipers. It was incredibly difficult to see if I was hitting what I was shooting at. I 'm guessing not because in the couple games I played I got 4 kills. I was about 4 feet from a guy snuck up behind and shot the you know what out of him and he killed me. The mark above his head said 69/100 so I'm guessing I at least grazed him a little but I'm not sure. All in all I liked it and as a casual gamer I expect to not get 100 kills my first couple games so I'll keep playing for tonight and see how I do. The game seems to be fun and fast paced and if you know the maps you can easily sneak up and kill people (as happened to me a lot). I can't wait for the single player and as a huge fan of the franchise hopes this gets a little more balanced before official release.

    EDIT: I could have sworn I picked PC version when I posted this. This review is for the PC version no the Console
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    You are playing Ghost Recon: Online
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    Yeah Unfortunately I posted this in the wrong thread.If a mod would liek to move it that would be cool.
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    Thank god its not grfs your reviewing was getting nervous for a sec
    good review. Btw
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    You know what. I'm not crazy. In my email I got a link here to post my feedback


    Both the console and PC link take you to the console page. Ubisoft. Stop working on the BETA and fix the link...
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