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    Got My Beta Key - Now What?

    Ive never had a ****tier experience with a forum or a game so shut up with the "this questions been asked already" I could give a ****. Instead of typing that, just answer the god **** question I'm sick of trying to figure this bull**** out.

    What the hell does it take to get on the xbox 360 beta. I know it doesn't start until the 12th but the email I got makes it sound like its already started and that I'm about to get on the pc beta. So what do I do with my beta keys? And how do I get the xbox 360 beta?

    thank you if you took the time
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    First of all, the reason why the people in this forum react the way they do, because we literally see five of these threads per day. There is a sticky right on the top of the page where you can ask your questions. But everyone ignores it, even though it has the answers you are looking for.

    Secondly, the pc beta for GR:FS is not about to start, are you sure you are not talking about GR:O? Ghost Recon Online, which is a different game, did recently start a beta, which is now open to people with a key.
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    Wait until april 12. Thats when the console closed beta starts. If you preordered and got it, the store people should of told you or you should have asked. When i preordered my gears 3 they were kind enough to remind me when the code could be entered.

    If you didnt pre order and got your code. There is something called the internet. This is how i found out the date. On google. Type in ghost recon future soldier, hit news, hit recent.
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    you two have got to be ****ing kidding me.

    suolcidr decided to talk **** about people asking questions over and over and then gave an answer to a question i never asked. thank you for reminding me the pc beta is not about to start, i was asking about the xbox 360 beta.

    and i used the "internet" **** head. it brought me here to a forum where i could ask experienced people directly. i want to know how to get the ****ing beta. its pretty **** simple. it could be a one word answer.

    ive already called eb games a million times and each time they tell me they know nothing about beta codes with pre orders. so im ****ed there

    i got a beta key in my email but its obviously for some different ****. my question was simple. how do i get the ****ing xbox 360 beta? do i download it on my xbox and then need a key to enter? how does it work for ****s sakes. nothing on this site tells me that information.
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    If you got a beta key for a Ghost Recon PC game that's going on now, it's for Ghost Recon Online. The appropriate forum is here. If you have a question about the Ghost Recon Future Soldier beta, there is a sticky for all questions concerning it here, and any inquiries about the PC version of Ghost Recon Future Soldier should be directed here.

    Yeah, I'll be locking this thread about now. Keep it civil, gang. Please.
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