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    Anyone else wish TMNT Arcade Game was on PS3/Steam?

    I have no 360 (and don't want one), so I can't play this awesome classic!
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    TMNT Turtles in time reshelled

    My family is a huge fan of Ubisoft games as Power Up Heroes, Just Dance, TMNT and TMNT reshelled and I can tell you that this game TMNT reshelled I had the opportunity to play in XBOX 360 as Arcade game is by far the best TMNT game EVER released, beating by far NES versions, the Arcade Mame, The SNES, TMNT Ubisoft and Konami releases TMNT 1, 2 and 3.

    I highly recommend that this title return for PS3, XBOX live AND also that we can find sequels (2, 3, etc)

    As what comes to multiplayer this game tops as arcade, adventure, beat em up with highly developed and well worked graphics, themes and gameplay.

    Congratulations Ubisoft for the good work on this awesome game, and please, please DO consider to bring it back I did not have the chance to get the full version.
    Please consider sequels or a remix of this in multiplayer, 4 player beat em up style.

    Best regards

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