With the heavy focus on using cover and what not and the maps full on supporting this with where the attack/defense positions are, i feel that camping at later weapons destroy new players.

To grow into a successful game, u need to constantly grow ur player base, which is not possible if they don't wanna play b/c they aren't necessarily bad, they just don't know the camping spots or have the guns yet to do good. Idk the cap but getting destroyed by level 6s when im only level 1 or 2 seems very unfair >.>. Pls even out the weapons so that later weapons are equal to the early ones, and they just bring more diversity and stragety to ur weapons. A tutorial mode would probably be very nice, also make grenades an item and not so expensive! I want to have grenades not use them alll in a game w/o realizing! Fix the ability system also! it is fine if the longer it is used longer to get it back, but bring numbers to it so we know how long, maybe make a death to 3 deaths reset the ability automatically, something to make the cool down so much lower.

More abilities also! this isn't really gonna help noobs but i felt if there were say 5 or more abilites per class, (one healer for each class, like a healing beacon, a "shot" heal, etc.) would make the combat so much more fun! And future weapons pls! its future soldiers, not future armor and modern day if not 90s weapons :P