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    Where oh where have my screenshots gone

    Hi there
    If anyone can help it would be a wonderful day. I took a few screenshots and actually took a ink pen an paper and wrote down the location of the file for the screenshot. Well wouldn't you know it, when I arrived at the "C:\Program Files\ Ubisoft\ Silent Hunter Wolves of the Pacific" folder there was no SH4Img@2012-03-29_01.31.29_975.bmp

    That last part was suppose to be the image. Not there. Seems like every file for the program was there but no screen shots. I actually sent an email to ubi and they sent back a response to check here.

    So if anyone could help I would be in your debit for a little bit, (though to write "in your debit forever" but that won't work).


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    Do a search on your computer for "bmp". You should be able to find them that way
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    Welcome to the SH Forums, Breezieday. Happy to have you with us.

    Now as for your problem. I'm going to make a guess here that you are either using Vista or Win 7 as your OS. If this is the case you have a couple of options. First, try shutting of your UAC (User Account Control) and see if that helps, if that doesn't help I suggest re-installing to someplace other that default install in Program Files.
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