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    Temporarily banned?!

    First of all. Sorry, this question probably have been rasied many times. I ran forum searches and google searches and couldn't find anything but old threads.

    I've have literally JUST bought the game. Patched it up, created an Ubisoft account to play the game. Everything went fine. I managed to get in the game menu and into the game. Lacked alot though (my second question)

    I lowered down the settings but when I tried to log ind I was denied acces with the message 'You have been temporarily banned due to account sharing' I mean, I have done ABSOLUTELY nothing. I have no idea what that's all about. I can't even find a proper tech-support other than some kind of crappy FAQ-toturial which is worth **** all. Is there any smooth solution to this? I wasn't really expecting this right after I bought the game?

    Back to my little question about all the lagging. I'm playing on my new laptop with more than needed specs. I know that the problem is running the game on 64-bit system but I didn't really expect my old computer to run this game better than this one. Everything is on the lowest. Is there anything I can do to optimize the perfomance - if I ever get the chance to play of course..?

    Thanks in advance.
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    This is what they say: (and it happened to me once.)

    If you log out and then try to log in again before the game has registered that you have logged out, you will get the account sharing ban. Just wait for a while, I dunno maybe a half hour, then try again.

    Don't know about laptops except that they are not really supported according to my CD case.
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    Sometimes the problem with laptops is that the graphics share the main memory which soon drains the overall performance of the Laptop.
    As for your account I noticed that you already have the game in your old pc - is this installation from the same discs and serial number if so that maybe why you are getting the acount sharing message. (maybe)
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    Cheers, guys. Thanks for the answers. I guess I was a bit impatient since i got through the my account 30 minutes after I created the thread. Still playing on lowest settings though.

    I mean, should I really be playing on the lowest with this?

    Intel Core i7-2670QM 4x2,20GHz (Turbo 3.10GHz) 6MB cache
    Kingston 8GB DDR3 RAM DualChannel
    Seagate Momentus 500GB 7200rpm
    Nvidia GeForce GT555 2GB GDDR3 RAM (DirectX 11 & Optimus)
    15.6” FullHD-LED Anti-Glare panel 1920x1080
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