I've had a few experiences in the first phase of GRO where there were a few bits that I thought REALLY needed changing, but I never posted them because I...Well, forgot. First off was the EMP for support class. The HUD disabling, I can see, but the while screen going nuts is a bit much. It makes for a very annoying experience. Second, the health. Your character by default is equipped with body armor, right? So why is it so easy to die from bullets? A bit more damage resistance would be nice. Also, the health regen is WAY too slow! Granted, I can see that being there to give players a chance, but I really find it annoying some times. Why not just increase the rate a bit, or even allow support or booster powers that increases said rate of regen? Also, I'd like to ask about the Ghost Coins and weapon and armor purchases. I know you can get items with that form of currency in GRO, but can't you get weapons outside your level ahead of time to try them out using Ghost Coins?

Okay, one other thing I need to mention is the items that you can sell. I like the fact that you can do that, but I think the guns are actually under-valued for selling. Even with the attachments, it still seemed under-valued. Can that be changed? Plus, I also realized the Heat ability for Assault. Granted, I know there's always counters for that, but at that same time, I also think the part of not being able to SHOOT while under the Heat's effects is going too far. If it's substantially decreased accuracy or fire rate, that I can live with, and it'll give EVERYONE a chance to take the Heat user out (lets face it, Blitz can be taken out just as easily, just like Support's shield and EMP, and Recon's Cloak and Orical. Over all, though, in the long-run, Heat has the most overpowered effects out of all of the abilities.