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    "Take Back branch"?


    I'm new to this game. When you want to know "What would have happened if I had moved this way...," you would "Take Back and Delete Move," but then you lose analysis and all the moves after that. Isn't it possible to make a "branch" and get back to the state before you clicked "Take Back and Delete Move?"
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    Use the Take Back option instead of Tack Back and Delete. If you have trouble, as I often do, there are ways to trick it. Go to the move prior to the one you want to change, then use the arrow to move ahead one move, then do Take Back. Sometimes, I even have to do that twice to get it to accept a new move. I've had considerable trouble with the Set Up Position mode (see my own post "Set Up Position bug"), but there is usu a way to work around any problem.
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