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    Myst V EoA Windows 7 crashing!

    I just decided to install Myst V on my Win 7 PC, and i put in a cracked .exe becuase i did not want to use the disc. The crack works, but I keep getting "Call Stack" errors on the game's startup. How do I fix this?
    Exception type: Access violation
    Call stack (14 levels):
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    In general,
    -- a. Install End of Ages (EoA) to your C: drive, accepting the install defaults as much as possible.
    ----- 1. Do NOT install the game to an external drive, either USB or E-SATA.
    -- b. Start EoA from a fresh boot.
    ----- 1. Reboot, log into Windows with full Administrator privileges (NOT into a Limited User or Power User account), and close all open applications. (Open the Control Panel, and select User Accounts. Your User Name should show Administrators under Group.)
    ----- 2. Disable all tasks running in the background, especially anti-virus/spyware/adware/pop-up programs, task schedulers, remote system control programs (such as Microsoft NetMeeting) or other programs shown on the Windows task bar.
    ----- 3. If you have only a software firewall, do NOT disable it!
    ----- 4. Do NOT forget to re-enable your anti-virus/spyware/adware/pop-up programs after finished playing EoA.
    -- c. Do NOT run any other programs before starting EoA.
    -- d. Do NOT boot up with the EoA disc in the drive, or with a disc in any drive.
    -- e. If the EoA disc autostarts when you insert it into the drive, cancel back to the Desktop.
    -- f. Start the game using the EoA icon on the Desktop, NOT the menu item on the disc.

    There's a reason Ubisoft wants you to use the game disc, that is, to minimize software piracy.

    Since you've admitted to using a "cracked .exe", which is a piracy tool, we can't help you with your problem. However, since you might actually have purchased the game, I'll comment that other folks who've posted in this Forum have had the same problem....
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