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    S!K Nation is recruiting

    Hi all I am a S!K officer here to let any who are interested know that S!K Nation is currently getting new members who would like to be apart of our amazing gaming community at siknation.com! We are very kickback guys no stress in this clan just a way to find and get to know people that enjoy to play videogames as much as you and love to play them the right way. Teamwork is a must but that is a no brainer. We are currently live on many Steam games such as Killing Floor, Counterstrike, and many others along with our Minecraft server and many PS3 titles we are active in. If you guys are interested go to siknation.com throw in an app ill look it over and give you an answer asap! If you have any questions or concerns please post below
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    Hello There fellow gamers

    We at s!knation are more than a "clan" , we are a gaming community comprised of many gamers , with one purpose,TO PLAY GAMES

    We are looking for people who are interested in playing ghost recon online.However we will not judge you by skill level.As long as we have teammates we are happy.
    If you are interested in playing with us fill an application @ siknation.com
    and me or whiplash will be sure to approve it

    lastly we will be playing today the minute the beta servers go up , if you want to play with us in game add the character:JamacanbacnFTW
    and i will be fine with inviting anyone

    -Jamacanbacn Pc Divisional Leader
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    I love this clan, thanks for doing some early recruiting!!
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    Sick Clan name guys but i got one better.....

    I rename this clan to ----> Sik Rekkas or SicWreckers or even better SiCWrekkaz na thats just G4Y : ) lol
    Recruit me guys i play Specialists none stop luv it .. my in game name is Copasetic.. MG249 no tripod wide reflex 1x is godlike son wow is this game great or what! i cant get enough of this sh1t, played beta so much my girlfriend dumped me so i got loads of time lets pwn gg
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