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    New player- many questions

    I have recently decided to gamble and buy the game. Like a few others, thinking that my machine actually (may) run it. It's been only frustrations so far, as most probably know. But I got it to run relatively stable, without freezing every time I click something.

    I now have a few questions:

    Before I begin, I have played the original Il-2 and 1946 quite a bit, so I know the airplane mechanics and all. The game itself is what I have questions about.

    1)Campaign- the RAF campaign was VERY silly. Unless I am missing something. Got to the mission where I was supposed to shoot down an annoying friendly (didn't do it, shot down the JU-87 instead)), then a suicide mission to Calais. Then the campaign just ended... I have a feeling I did something wrong. Had to exit many missions before the "mission complete" screen, since it never came.... Could that be the cause?

    2) Multiplayer... Checked it out last night, found TWO servers, with ONE person in each. Has everyone given up on this game by now?

    3) Choosing ammo loadout- None of the b-u-t-tons work where I can theoretically choose different ammunition for every gun. In campaign mode. Working as intended? In the original game, you could only do it once you got a certain rank. What about here?

    Thanks in advance!
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    1) yep RAF campaign is somewhat silly (infact that's one of the more polite descriptions ) the best thing that can be said about it is that it gave some examples of how to do things so community campaigns could be made- see

    just like IL2 user made campaigns etc generally are better than 1C stuff (imho

    2) not into mp myself but ATAG seems to be the more populated server

    3) not sure quite what your problem is here- you should be able to save a weapons loadout in 'plane options'. it's a bit 'quirky'
    hopefully this will be available soon

    good luck
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    When looking for multiplayer servers:
    1. Make sure your firewall is allowing CoD access to the internet. It will show in the firewall rules as Launcher.exe. As you mention you can already see one or two servers this is probably already set, but it can't hurt to double check.
    2. Select the Client option, not the Lobby option.
    3. If you're still only seeing very few servers, try going back and starting a server, launching the mission and letting it run for a minute or two. A number of people have had to do this to get the full list of available servers in the Client list.
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