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    Forge WAS on plans for Heroes of might and magic. From heroes 3 i remember someone designed a mode which added forge faction in Hmm3. When Hmm4 was about to release i remember there were rumors of forge faction aswell. All old players should remember the discussions about the forge faction. (1999)


    Work on the Armageddon's Blade expansion began in early 1999. The developers originally intended to focus the storyline around a new, futuristic faction, the "Forge" alignment[7], allowing the game to act as a continuation to the "evil" ending of Might and Magic VII while showcasing the science fantasy aspect of the core Might and Magic series, which had never been evident in the Heroes of Might and Magicgames. Although the Forge faction was almost completed and functional, fans reacted negatively to its inclusion, believing that the inclusion of science-fiction destroyed the Heroes series' fantasy-based atmosphere.[8]
    Midway through the expansion's development, New World Computing decided to scrap the Forge faction and removed all references to its existence from the game's storyline, instead building upon Might and Magic VII's "good" ending. To replace the Forge, they invented an elemental-based faction named the "Conflux".[9] Due to the scrapping of the Forge halfway through the project, the developers and design artists suffered from a lack of time when completing the Conflux faction, and were forced to implement elemental creatures from the base game. This is evident if one takes a good look at the dwellings of the original 4 elementals within the Conflux town: they all use the same graphics as on the world map.'s_Blade
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    Thank you for that information Iomvartus. I was already aware of the original concept of the Forge town and why it was taken out, and just reading this thread proves just WHY they did that for Heroes III - it seems it's a fairly polarising concept. :P

    Well, don't worry kids, they won't add it in here. While the Forge certainly had a possible place in the original Might & Magic concept, I don't think it would fit in the current world of Ashan (though I could be wrong, not having played Dark Messiah). It's nice that UbiSoft enters into the spirit of April Fools as well.

    Shame it seems that their march patch 1.3 looked to be the biggest april fools joke, but oh well...
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    to me one more faction, whatever it is, it is welcome. most probably at one time, when they will fix the game, they wil add factions in the form of DLC. So if one refuses to play Forge, simply wont buy it. For sure because of lots of controversity, it wont be added this one specific to an expansion pack
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    Originally Posted by skeenker17 Go to original post
    If that joke be the next faction i will leave heroes 6.
    I dont like Heroes 6 as I like H3 and H5, but I play H6 and buy it. I close my eyes for town screen, some creatures, bugs. But this... its just dash all.
    I love new town sanctuary and I hope new fraction be same cool (even they be old) but only not mechanics and robots.
    p.s. to Ubi & BH I understood, You want do game better with new idea, but realy some new idea can destroy verge which and without this erased.
    Maby I dont leave Heroes 6, but HEROES die for me.
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    Originally Posted by lomvartus Go to original post
    to me one more faction, whatever it is, it is welcome. most probably at one time, when they will fix the game, they wil add factions in the form of DLC. So if one refuses to play Forge, simply wont buy it. For sure because of lots of controversity, it wont be added this one specific to an expansion pack
    You're right. we can dont install this dlc, but this is not an option for me. I hope this will not happen, because I don like World Tanks, robots etc. in World Heroes.
    - Its just my opinion.
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    How sameful, dedicating time to such a sh**ty joke, while leaving the community in the dark on serious matters for so long. This just reinforces how unprofessional a company Ubi is, its a true shame that they have ever laid there hands on such a brilliant franchise...
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    Originally Posted by nosce Go to original post
    You seem to not understand what I was saying. The Might & Magic series is the broader series in the world of which the spin-off "Heroes" series exists. In the Might & Magic series these units that they are showing off exist. They are things players have faced off against in that universe for decades and are an integral part of the world's lore.

    If you don't like the Forge faction then you don't like the Might & Magic lore. That's fine, but you're only depriving yourself of something awesome. If you still don't understand, google Might & Magic Lore and read up. It's part of the game world already and very disappointing to use as a prank since it would make a GREAT addition to the game.
    Actualy you're the one who's not understanding something. The world/universe/whatever that The Forge existed in is dead. They killed it with HoMM 4, it's gone. HoMM 5 & 6 take part on a whole new world which has nothing to do with what was, they said so themselves back when HoMM 5 was first in development. And while back then i did not agree with them on scrapping the old universe entirely and starting a new one their argument made sense in the long run, the old universe was filled with weird things(like the forge) and inconsistencies. And i'm sorry, i loved the M&M lore as much as the next guy(i've played most of the original M&M games + every HoMM game) but stuff like the forge and the spaceship filled with robots at the end of MM 6(to name a few examples) just seemed like trolling on 3DO's part. I think some people just took it too serious.
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    Have we confirmed whether this is a 4/1 joke? I'm guessing it is, based on the goblin holding the gun, which seems too uncreative, even for Ubi.
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    come on! are you all for real, need comfirmation?? of course it's a lame joke and I've lost my sense of humor, obviously.
    now give me that patch please
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