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    Please Ubisoft, please!

    I am incredibly in love with the Splinter Cell series, as well as the Tom Clancy series. I loved Conviction, it's a whole new step forward from the Splinter Cell generation. The thread is, I own a PS3. I love it, I browse in an advanced way and it's really fast and does everything I want it to do. As for Xbox, the only thing I like about it is their games. Here is were it comes to a point. Splinter Cell Conviction is only available on Xbox and PC. Sadly, Ubisoft had announced since it was included with the Xbox generation, they decided to release it on it and the PC itself. It really disappoints me how it didn't come out on PC. I've heard many rumors that the code encryption from the Xbox version was converted to the PC. Therefore I'm asking for the same thing. PLEASE, I mean literally please Ubisoft; could any of you, meaning the CEO, or any high management take care of this situation. Half of the place were I live at are seriously looking toward a re-release of SCC. My plan was this. Create a commercial, revise Conviction as a pre-release for the PS3, showing that it has been re-released and improved (if possible). Gamers out there for the PS3 will be jaw-dropping. There are thousands of people waiting for this moment. Yet again, I beg you to do this. To my knowledge, I'm sure that Splinter Cell Conviction was produced in Ubisoft Montreal. This game has inspired people of its physics, after all, a book was made before the game actually came out. I do not want to spend 300 dollars on an Xbox 360 just for this game. I would if it was my last chance. Trust me on this one, I can guarantee you to make a little good amount of money to re-release it for the PS3. It is probably the only video game I like there out in the world. I love Ubisoft and I really don't hope you folks dissapoint me. I've been a fan since your old games, yet my first game to play was Rayman as I was growing up. I am old now and I am really looking forward to this. Again, I'm begging you, this means so much for me, AND the thousands of PS3 users. Think of it this way, if you actually were working on another Splinter Cell, and you would be releasing it for the PS3, what would happen to Conviction? This is the moment of truth, I highly thank you for reading this message. Yet again, I beg you, please..

    - Re-release Splinter Cell Conviction to the PS3
    - Make up a little money for Ubisoft (Montreal?)
    - Make thousands of PS3 Gamers happy
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    Im afraid its impossible my friend. Its been three years since the game`s release. Right now not many people are interested in Conviction on any platform - the game just got old. We all looking up for Blacklist which is, gladly for you, announced to come out for PS3 as well, so fingers crossed...
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