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    Ghost Recon Online Nation!

    Hi everyone!

    My name is Mike and I am one of the owners of Gears of War Nation. I have been playing the franchise for years and have always found myself a fan of the third-person gameplay. Between that and Counter-Strike I've been bouncing back and forth between console and PC for some time. I had kicked off GoW Nation as a community website but also focusing on competition and the games in general. We have amassed quite a following as you would see on our website (www.gownation.net).

    I have always wanted to get into the Ghost Recon community as a number of Gears pros have stemmed from previous Ghost Recon titles. Having gone through both GRAW titles I really got an itch to play more. Becoming involved in this beta has really gotten me excited for the final product and I would like to create a way to form a community that communicates as well as gets it's fair share of "coverage".

    Ghost Recon Online Nation, I would hope, could become a massive community with all of the best players socializing with new players and providing a scene that has been all but in the spotlight. This title seems to be something special and I would really like to present a community that would be built from the ground up BY the community. My goal is to have a large number of individuals sign up for updates so that I can gauge just who we would be presenting content to. If you are interested, please check out the website at the bottom of this post and sign up for information.

    For the TLR crowd:

    GRO Nation can become everything you want, so long as you show interest in it. Please sign up to show that you want a community that will grow at light speed!


    Expect clans, forums, tournaments, coverage from a writing team, coverage from a video team, live streaming, podcasting, etc...
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    This is great news! GOWN is a great website, I'm looking forward to GRON. It will be nice knowing that their will be at least 1 good fan site at launch.
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    Sorry for the delay on responding, thank you JoshHardenburg for the support! I'm hoping to kick off the GRO site once the title is officially released, would love to get input from the community on what they would like to see in a community site!
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    murray is it you form battlefield? Gotcha2 here :P whats the recrutment?
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