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    Siggels' IL-2 Set-up

    G'day Mates,

    Check out this site for a comprehensive IL-2 profile solution:


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    lot of work went into that project.

    Personally, I find having the key/joystick presses set up in the "controls" part of the game (rather than the stick) is easiest. But then again, I only use about 1/20th of the available commands.
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    Originally Posted by voyager_663rd Go to original post
    lot of work went into that project.
    G'day Chaps,

    Thanks voyager_662rd.

    A bloke just asked me a couple of questions which I thought I might relay here. He wanted to know if I could convert the flight controller to another brand of flight controller. Also he said there would be resistance from old hands but beginners would find it useful.

    Here's my answer:

    Many people who have already become accustomed to a profile and keyboard map will naturally resist change to another. That's totally understandable. As the saying goes, "if it ain't broke don't fix it", has a ring of truth to it. But beginners and a few old hands may wish to try it. It's totally up to them.

    It is my intention to adapt the flight controller chart to other brands of flight controllers. But maybe it would be better for those who are familiar with these flight controllers to take up this project and do the conversion work. The reason being, I don't have the funds to obtain the necessary hardware, and there would be a lag time as I get accustomed to the new situation.

    If people are interested in converting the chart and map to their favourite flight controller or indeed, to other flight sims, (Cliffs of Dover comes to mind as well as others), please drop a line via the email address at the bottom of the website. I'll send you the last remaining file I have held back which is an MSWord document listing all the keystrokes used and all the keystrokes available for future use.

    I've just updated my Siggels' IL-2 Set-up and below is an added section to my Readme:


    As many people use only a few commands and prefer to use the keyboard for most of these commands, I've decided to include the Saitek X52 PRO Charts MSWord documents in Siggels' IL-2 Set-up, as well as a link and copy of the original keyboard map template I used as a base to create the keyboard map.

    This keyboard map template is available at:


    A suggestion would be to use Paint.net instead of Gimp, to add keyboard commands, as it seems easy to use and the keyboard map graphics isn't very demanding:


    So, now you have the tools to create an uncluttered personal customised printable Saitek X52 PRO chart and a keyboard map to your satisfaction!

    BTW, there's no need to change the settings.ini, (control file), or the Saitek X52 PRO profile, just edit the personal customised printable chart and map. As time goes by, you may wish to add commands to the personal customised printable chart and map. Refer to the original printable chart and map for the correct placement of commands. Power to the people!!!

    Also, I've discontinued the bulletin board at my website as it got spammed and am unable to fund anti-spam software services.

    Further discussion will be done on the thread below, at M4T:


    or alternatively email me.



    BTW, you may be interested to know I use the Dvorak keyboard when typing without the need of keyboard labels. I've also read Dr Dvorak's doctoral thesis "Typewriter Behaviour", well almost, as well as many journal articles on ergonomic interfacing using the keyboard.
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