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    Originally Posted by AViT7 Go to original post
    You can say that recon is OP, you can say it's not.
    But the fact that about 80% of players go for recon class is a sign of a slight inbalance. And day by day I can see that recon class only grows.
    In fact why the hell do we need assault and specialist classes? Sniper rifle + oracle = long distance camping, smg + cloack = for assault and anything else.
    I really hope that devs gonna bring some more balance soon.
    Yep the numbers are growing but my experience with snipers are very different.

    Most of the times ppl die by trying to take a good shooting spot.
    Of course they do it on roofs an highgrounds like they where told by hollywood. And of course they die multiple times on the same spot still trying to take the ground.
    Most of the times i get snipers in my team, they end up with about 2 to 5 kills and 20 deaths.
    Yep thats only KDR but it gets worse, they dont cover, they only try headshots(and miss ofc) and most of the time they got neither oracle nor passive devices AND they DONT counter-snipe.

    Good job, thats the way to be most useless as sniper. Gratz!

    One thing thats OP is cloak becaus is way to hard to detect and to say it again to few gameplay counter-mechs.
    You can use your eyes, if cloak is not bugged. You can use your ears, if footsteps/sound is not bugged.

    But otherwise you have to depend on recons on your team ... and well ... you know what they are doing ...

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    In defence of the Recon or Sniper

    The other night someone proudly announced to the entire game that I was cheating, that I should be recorded and reported. That game was followed by one where someone in the opposing team, who were actually capturing areas rather successfully, complained that we had a team comprised mainly of snipers and it was too difficult to get through us.

    Well that was clearly not the case. If you keep cover, work as a team, and attack from multiple points you can beat snipers and last night I was beaten in multiple games by teams of Specialists and Assaults. In one game I was in a mixed team up against a team of snipers and we beat them using similar tactics.

    Those complaints and the anti-Recon rhetoric that is going around have made me decide to stand up for the Recon class, or at least for the snipers.

    In the time Iíve played Iíve been excited by the tactical and realistic gameplay Iíve seen, thatís something thatís kept me away from other online games because when Iíve played them a lot of people are just running around as fast as possible jumping, circling and crouching to avoid being shot at close range, shooting like mad hoping youíll miss and theyíll hit. Thatís how we used to play Quake multiplayer, not games like this.

    I love playing Tom Clancy games and the Ghost Recon series because of the concentration on tactical and realism, and while Iíve only ever played cooperatively online with friends I thought I would give Ghost Recon Online a shot. Maybe this game would ensure that it wasnít the similarly poor experience Iíve had with other online first person tactical games.

    So far the online experience has been true to what I expected from the series and the game play has been very good with almost all of the online players Iíve encountered taking a similar view to myself, or at least seeming to in their game play.

    Thereís a fair bit of negativity about the Recon character though and Iíve seen it filter through into the game chat and the game dynamics of late. There have been some great changes such as the shake and shudder with the weapon when the sniper doesnít have their weapon firmly fixed Ė note Iím using the term sniper to identify a Recon with a sniper rifle as Iíve never played as a Recon with a submachine gun taking the assault role Ė or the ability to see a cloaked figure if you have your eyes peeled, but all in all my experience doesnít relate to the negative comments Iím hearing about snipers.

    I get killed a lot, mostly by Assaults and Specialists but also by Recons with submachine guns and by other snipers. I wouldnít say my class is unfairly balanced at all because Iíve been in a team of mainly snipers taken down by a very well organised team of Assaults and Specialists without much trouble, time lost or even lives lost on their side. In fact just the other night I found I had so many more deaths than ever it was a little disheartening.

    Personally I think the issue is down to team selection and game play. Individuals should learn to work as a team and teams should not comprise of all snipers (i.e. Recons with sniper rifles). The most enjoyment Iíve had in a game is where I am one of two or three snipers and have worked with Assaults and Specialists to support them as they advance with me providing cover.

    As a sniper (in game I must add!) I actually groan when I see Iíve landed in a team of more than three snipers, but then I still play because it can be fun although Iíve never won in that situation, sometimes I quickly change class before these games start even though I donít enjoy Assault or Specialist as much as I do a sniper.

    I wonder if the team selection, or rather the constraints on teams were improved and individuals worked together more perhaps then weíd see people less inclined to complain about the Recon class or shout ďcheaterĒ when they get killed. Note that when I shoot someone itís not because Iíve cheated, itís because Iíve seen them and shot them. Oh, and when someone complains about ďcampingĒ, bear in mind that thatís what snipers do.

    I have to say though that almost everything Iíve heard said against the snipers has happened to me as a sniper and mostly not from sniper fire but from the other classes. Last night I was totally destroyed game after game by the other classes and my armour seemed paper thin.

    So rather than keep wanting the Recons limited more and more and risk losing a large player base, how about a restriction on the number of a certain class in each team? Trying to deliver a more even squad for each game? Perhaps this would help even things out and maybe even force some to look to other classes.

    If there are tons of one class left over then put them in a game all of their own class, soon enough people will start to mix up their characters, or if theyíre like me and love just playing one class just not play so much.

    In all the times Iíve played games like these, and it has been a long time; Iíve loved playing as a sniper and my friends have always seen me play that role. I enjoy playing a support role to the front line assault team from a rear position, Iíve never enjoyed leaping forward and running about shooting madly, I stopped playing like that when I gave up my railgun in Quake.

    Balancing team selection is the key, not restricting one of the classes because people who play the other classes donít like them or because more people like playing one class over the others.
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    Thanks for your opinion and experience MajorCasualty.
    I agree with out totaly.

    Don't know where it came from but reading things like "cheater" is bull**** and badly common behavioure. Most of the cheaters are basicly too foolish to use cheats in a way they are hard to identifie.

    And about beeing a "camper" its much funnier. You get called camper while you are defending as a defender and hear "spawn camping" from the same kind of people when you show them what its like when you attack. I realy dont get this trollish folks nowadays but i gave up complaining about them, just crush them and they will shut up or leave.

    So dont get too upset about that folks and do what you do because it sounds good to me.

    Thanks, BB
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    Recon class is the most balanced class in the game.Both as far as weapons and skills are concerned.First of all if you don't want to get farmed by recon don't camp for the obvious reason recon has range.Furthermore play with sound so you can hear when they use abilities.This is not a camping game unless you play recon class with sniper rifle.And finally use your abilities as countermeasure.Recon class has the lowest life pull in game.Now for cloak, when people are going to understand that if there are cloaked recons in the opposite team then your team must play with oracle?And finally when people are going to understand that cloak doesn't make you invisible its a blurry figure you just have to open your eyes and look.
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    Originally Posted by Omega6Theta Go to original post
    And finally when people are going to understand that cloak doesn't make you invisible its a blurry figure you just have to open your eyes and look.
    This is the way it should be yep.

    But there are problems on that. I see this very often, recon running on open ground, goin into stealth, yet i can still see the blurry effect, but after cloak applied completly, hes truly invisible, blurry effect is gone.

    That happens at least 50% of the time i encounter recons.
    Yesterday i faced it several times a reacon in cloak sprinting frontal towards me, i noticed later.
    While i was trying to shoot someone, that was actually behind the cloaked one that was sprintin(the blurry effect should be very high in this situation) i was suppriesed by shooting a recon i was not able to notice at leaste a little bit by sound or vision.

    Maybe my eyes and ears getting old (and trust me i got a realy good hearing) but it seems bugged to me or at least the blurry effect is to weak on some environment and footsteps are bugged sometimes too.

    Sometimes you can see snipers sitting around with a very strong blurry effect, espacially on darker backgrounds. But on the other hand it happens very often that sniper running around open bright ground are almost undetectable.

    From a developers comment we know that the blurry effect should ma strong when recons running and weak while they are crouching, but the oppisite going on seems to me.
    Someone got similar experience with that?

    Also i got some thoughts on cloak:
    Cloak should only be applieable while standing still, maybe allowing turning but not on the move.
    Also the energy spend while cloak is activated should be reduced while standing still and increased while on the move i think.

    That makes cloak more than defensive and ambush device. I know its meant to be an offensive device but with the buggs/odd properties of cloak, it seems a little bit too hard to "counter" to me.

    What do you think?

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    Just don't forget sniper has ...1... shot on you and it depends on gun lvl and luck (crit) if you head shot any class that's not a reckon chances you will not die are HIGH now is that not silly or what?
    Head shot shod be kill no meter what the class is if this was a realistic game but it's not so calling reckon snipers op with oracle or cloak is silly.
    All classes are OP in this game because it's SF not a realistic game.
    But I like it just because of this futuristic mechanics and if you play it as a team not a solo game maybe you would have more fun to.

    If you ask why as a team ?
    First because it's a team play and shod be balance as that not as 1vs1 game.
    Looking at classes you will see that if your team is spread correctly in all classes in a match you have every counter to the class you are calling OP.
    So atm I don't think it's class imbalance problem atm BIG as much as Match Making System.
    As more and more people start coming into the game and devs work on match making system and we get more balance in class and lvl match making ,then we will actually see what classes or mechanics are OP/Imbalanced.
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    I have played all three classes to level 8.

    I've found all three to have positives and I feel the class balance is closer than I did before I actually played as a recon.

    However the one advantage I feel Recons have that make that needs to be looked at is the ability to stop and start their powers.

    As a submachinegun recon I can cloak for a second, get a kill, recloak and get another, as a sniper I pulse oracle and pretty much never run out of juice.

    All the specialist and assault's abilties are usable only once and all but the HEAT take time to charge. Ubi need to do something to balance this IMO.
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    Originally Posted by El_MUERkO Go to original post
    As a submachinegun recon I can cloak for a second, get a kill, recloak and get another, as a sniper I pulse oracle and pretty much never run out of juice. All the specialist and assault's abilties are usable only once and all but the HEAT take time to charge. Ubi need to do something to balance this IMO.
    That is the EXACT problem the recon class has! The devs definitely need to look into this ASAP!

    Yesterday I saw a recon who even could shoot people without getting uncloaked. On my ĒWTF?Ē he said you can just by this as an upgrade... That makes the whole thing even worse!
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    playing as re-con, (I don't use cloak at all) I'm finding that a lot of the assault rifles seem to have the some long range as I do as a sniper, but can fire a hell of a lot faster and don't need to wait for the scope to come up, also snipers are only good at long range, up close and I'm screwed (mainly by cloaked Re-con lol).
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    My 2 cents on Sniper Rifles (and "snipers" that use cloak and not Oracle):

    1 shot bodyshots should really be looked over, I'd rather have playing a Recon with a sniper rifle reward skill (headshots) then just derping and killing ppl instantly with a shot to someones toe...

    Now there are several factors to how much dmg a Weapon does ofc, but still, the base sniper-rifle damage needs to be toned down.
    Why not lower the dmg on the low-lvl Sniper-Rifles, make the last 6 or so ,ones unlocked be 1-shot 1 kill (to the toe)?
    Or look over the dmg over Range (not really a solid option since most maps don't have "extreme" range engagemnets)

    Countless of times ive been in cover (prone as well) and moved an inch to the side (not peeking out of cover), and *BAM* Sniper shoots me in the toe, and I'm dead.

    Now onto "snipers" using the cloak....
    Why on earth would you do that, most of the ppl who play snipers just hang back and shoot, so they use cloak to escape if **** hits the fan.

    Granted some snipers do play well, and use it to reposition.
    But the fact that almost every match iv'e played when Iv'e played a recon myself (CQB Recon, not a sniper) not a single sniper on the team has had The Oracale, which means Iv'e equipped it, fine it's a good Device for a CQB recon.
    But the fact that I -could- be using the cloak to flank around is kinda annoying, At least with the oracle and me being on the front lines I can provide some intel.

    TL: DR

    Tone Down Sniper Rifle damage by ALOT, up to the last 6 rifles Unlocked, so there is no more "1 shot to the toe and your dead" but instead reward skill as a Sniper (Headshots)
    Rant about Snipers not using the Oracle, but instead using the cloak so they can save their own asses
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