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    Cloud with UPlay and Registering game?

    So I just bought a discounted CD-Key from an approved website. Currently downloading the game. The game is Anno 2070. My question is if Uplay has a cloud system so any game linked to my account can be downloaded in the future in case I ever need to delete the program or wipe my computer; the same way Steam works. I bought Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction a few years back on Steam. I'm not even sure if that's available for cloud storage via Ubisoft. Before you ask, this is not a steam code. This is a code for the client itself to register my copy.
    I'd like to know this so I make sure I don't accidentally delete the e-mail with the CD key in case that's the ONLY way I can ever download and play the game. Am I making sense or am I pulling the broken record clause? If you need further elaboration, please ask as it'd help answer my problem.
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    It worries mee too. Got same problems and i dont have reply from ubisoft support yet in my case. I wish you could register a cdkey like you can do in steam by just typng it instead of installing the game and then activating it.
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