It is true that a lot of Japanese developers have made games in the time of feudal Japan, but they haven't done it in terms of being a good game in my eyes. Some of the games aren't historically accurate either. The only ninja game that is still known internationally is the Ninja Gaiden series and the latest game didn't do so well. I agree with what Hutchinson said that if they chose to set an AC game during the time of feudal Japan, then there is that sense of familiarity. I personally wouldn't mind since it would be great to see how Ubisoft would approach it. So far, they have done a great job handling AC3 and the American Revolution setting.

Considering how much money and effort has been invested into AC3's engine, it can work for an Asian setting game. Although we haven't seen AC3's combat gameplay yet, but I picture it to be similar to how the latest Batman games are. After all, they did put a big emphasis on wanting the player to keep moving. I can picture this fighting mechanic to be similar to Asian martial arts and the fighting style of Shao Jun that we've seen in Embers. I like that the fighting styles are changing since they have created new animations for Connor, so he will be unique from Altair and Ezio. There is also the new addition called the rope dart (reminds me of Scorpion from Mortal Kombat), which can be used again as a grappling hook in an Asian setting AC game. The idea of free running on tree branches reminds me the movie Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, except more realistically of course.

Overall, I welcome any time period that Ubisoft wants to go to.