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    How many same mines on one quarry?

    I've read a few guides and some say to put 3 stone mines on 1 quarry and some say to just put 1 stone mine and then later 1 geologist, so how many of the same mines do you think is OK and most efficient to put on 1 quarry?
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    If you are talking about The Settlers Online game, use your judgement, depending on how often you are online. 3 or 4 miners will give you ore more quickly, but the quarries will also deplete sooner. If you are able to send out the geologist often, then you will get resources more quickly.

    If talking about any of the other Settlers series, ignore this!!!
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    Sorry, I should have said, my question was about the Settlers 7 game.

    Thanks for replying though!
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    Three quarries on one mountain shelter to mine stone will work at 100% efficiency once they get established. And the faster you can get the stone out, the better - I think.

    You cannot build a geologist. You cannot set a quarry to geologist. If you build, say, a coal miner where a quarry was and set it to geologist it will do nothing, unless there is a coal mine nearby. If the coal mine is not close enough you will have to redirect the miner. Sometimes they will even go into neighboring sectors that you control.

    After you have mined all the stones in your stone deposits, you will only be able to get stone by setting some of your coal, iron, or gold miners to geologist. Or on the trade board. If you have zero stones, and need to build a mine, you can get 2 stones by knocking down a well.
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