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    Online multiplayer free roam?

    I read somewhere that it is possible to do free roam with your friends. Well I guess that means free roam in multiplayer mode. I know that by pressing ESC, you are in free roam, but you are alone. Is there any way to play free roam with other users?

    Also - what are those 'groups' and how do you create them? I'm not sure if they're called groups in english because I have the game in another language, but basically when you try to create your own online game it says it needs at least two people in your group.

    Oh and what the hell are those invitations when you go to the friends page? What does it do when you send one? I receive some and can join games - is that only for private games? And if not, how does it know to which game I want to invite the person?

    Very confusing - but great game!
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    I sent you an invitation(My DSF name is OpelSpeedster, btw). Accept it and we can play together.
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    Great ! Maybe you know how to free roam then with other players

    But what's wrong with the forums here... so dead.. everyone playing I guess :P
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    It strange because I keep spamming you to join my party (name for "group") but I get no notification in return... (I suppose you accept them ). It gets frustrating because I see "friends" online but when I try to get in a race via quick race I get nowhere, like there's no one on earth driving around ><
    The fact that there's no way to communicate online doesn't help...

    edit: something interesting here:

    Host a Multiplayer Match

    Open the game menu and select one of the following options:

    1. Online Multiplayer > Friends > Friend Search (add friends)
    2. Online Multiplayer > Send Invitation (select friends to invite)
    3. After friends have joined your lobby, select: Online Multiplayer > Create Private Match
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    No I didn't get anything, only once when you added me and so I accepted you! I also sent out some invitations to people online, but nothing?! It seems like there's a bug. Or they're rejecting me haha.

    I once however got an invitation from someone and accepted, but when I joined it said there is no game or that it is closed. I returned to the friends page and the invitation was still there, so I clicked again but it was the same thing.

    How are you supposed to make your own multiplayer match if you can't add people to your lobby?! But I guess that's the way to play multiplayer freeroam, once they're in your lobby you can press ESC and your friends will be there too I guess!

    PS: I will send you an invitation now, tell me if you got it!
    And yes - there's a lack of communication!!! :P

    Edit: So funny, now the multiplayer keeps crashing like people said before! However it only crashes when I visit the "friends" page. It hasn't really happened before, but I have the feeling that the more people you add, the more it has to load, and the more the chances are it will crash. So I suggest only to add people which are fun to play with or which are often online! Perhaps that's why nobody wanted to post their gamertags haha.

    Edit 2: Deleted friends and everything works BlueVelveteen, I sent you an invitation! tell me what it does now.
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    Yes I finally found!

    -> Go to friends list
    -> Got to the friend you want to invite
    -> Send invitation
    -> Friend will accept and icon will appear in friends list
    -> Click on play game or something like that (where "send invitation" was)
    -> Press ESC for free roam
    -> Or Create your own match

    The problem is the lack of communication, how do you tell them to press ESC? haha, because both have to do that.
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