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    problems with tunngle for everyone

    you can not play silenthunter in tunngle anymore.
    silenthunter has nothing than probemems .

    Yesterday evening there were many Sh-3 players in tunngle
    I find it sad that no one can play silent hunter LAN with tunngle .

    there are other servers that also can not even see my own server in LAN .

    the new ubi forum is also not that .
    I want to make tmy own silenthunter game .

    I have a pretty silent huntergame on DVD ROM
    a Sh-3 game to fall in love immediately .

    I would like send ubisoft my new silenthunter game .
    My game is a mix of Sh-3 GWX Gold, SH-4 SH-5 and other mods .

    let the game come on the market and the world is in love with my new silenthunter .
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    the words nuttier than a fruit cake spring to mind here
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    you have said it best nickwkr

    Deepsharks, your dead wrong about tunngle, i hosted games last night and had no problems whats-so-ever.

    I think the problems your having are with YOU, and not the server. Check your install and make sure all is correct.
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    Yea next time I suggest not posting in all caps. It's quite annoying, and secondly some people are running GWX or other mods that will not work with other players. I have also had problems with tunngle but I just stopped playing online. Please think of all routes of usage before you fly off the handle. Thank you.
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    Sorry about the caps, all fixed
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    kenny deep throat try unloading your mods from 1.4b servers maybe you will stop crashing and crashing everyone elses servers
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