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    Grfs beta

    I recently preordered grfs and got a beta code on my receipt and it said enter it on the website provided it was a gamestop website that asked what game you preordered and I clicked grfs and it directed me to a ubisoft website where I logged in and entered the code it said they'd send me the code when the beta was released, when is the beta supposed to release? And couldn't I have just entered the code on my xbox?
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    The beta comes out in April as far as i know for all platforms, so you should reciever your code then i would think?!
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    Sooooo I should be getting a beta code sent to my email from ubisoft this month?
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    But both my gamestop codes say invaild so what now ?
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    Hey the beta comes out on the 16 of April and the code was only 19 digits so it wouldnt work on XBOX because XBOX needs 25 digits
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    When I pre-ordered my copy of GRFS I did not recieve a code on my reciept can anybody help me????
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    If one of you guys have an extra key can u PM it to me. Or send me a message on XBL GT :Wookie xD
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    having same prob, won a code, but it only 19 digits long and starts, live cods are 25 digits long, yet i cannot for the life of me find the point, on here where i put the code into this site to get the 25 digit live code, was told it was here at some point, but its dissappeared, is it gonna be back for the beta's release? have seen guys with the preload grfs but thats only from splinter cell i believe? if im wrong can someone link me to the code input screen?
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    If you call gamestop and give them your name they should be able to give you the code. That happened to a friend of mine and thats all he had to do
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