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    Can not run YS 2012

    Some time ago I bought the YSFE and it works fine. But now I want to use the YS 2012 but I am not able to download of buy one.
    What happens is that I run my XBOX 360 and go to market place to check YS2012. When I select the YS2012 icon and it is openned I only see 2 options: Trial and Rate. Where is the option to buy or play this game? Does someone any idea? I was able to buy the olde YS but now I can not see how to buy YS2012.
    Thanks in advance.
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    You actually cannot buy YSFE 2012 on the XBOX marketplace. Order it at your local dealer or through an internet merchant.
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    Hi K1200GTRED
    Thanks for your answer. I had no idea that it was not possible to buy YS2012 directly from XBOX marketplace.
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