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    Beta Code...where?

    i pre ordered ghost recon future solider for the xbox360 and ive not got a code to redeem for the beta...(the only code is on receipt)i went online to this site entered the one on the receipt as says on it and it said thank you for your pre order...thats all i get. never got an email nor the code...wth....i would like me code since i did pay for it. tyvm
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    i preordered mine at gamestop and tried to redeem the code and got the same message i think the code emails are sent the day the beta comes out so if it is a gamestop code april 12 and any other code u got is on april 17...im not positive but hope it helped
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    i was told to enter the gamestop beta code on this site so i entered it and have heard nothing about it since, i just want to make sure i didnt do anything wrong.
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    Please see the beta announcement thread with questions regarding the beta. Thanks.

    To answer your question, you won't be able to enter the beta keys until April 17th in order to play the game on the 19th. Please wait until the 17th and see if you receive an email with a beta key, if you don't please contact us about it on GRFS console forum.
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