I just wanted to hear a developer's statement of the similarities between GRFS and GRO.
I know GRO was developed to be an online multiplayer based on what I have seen in the beta. I am not really sure as to what your greatest purpose is in GRFS. I want GRFS to be similar to GRO from a multiplayer standpoint, with a single player / co-op option.

I love the cover system in GRO as well as the more strategic based multiplayer. Can this be found in GRFS or is it even better. I loved how smooth the keyboard controls were for GRO, and want to know how this will change in GRFS using a controller. What more will I find in GRFS that I won't find in GRO.

Basically I am asking this to determine whether I should buy GRFS for the 360, or instead invest my money in GRO.
(I wasn't sure where to post this and was hoping some developers would provide me with some expert knowledge.)

(and maybe a GRFS beta start date)