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    White screen at startup - Mac


    I bought Driver for Mac today and the game doesn't lunch. I got a white screen at the game startup. I can hear sounds in background.

    I have a mid range MacBook Pro 2011, 1GB VRAM, 8 GB RAM. The game is installed on my external hardrive.

    I am really pissed, the second time I bought a crappy EA cider port !
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    After many tries, reinstallation in English French on internal and external hardisc, I found a trick to solve this issue: use "gfxCardStatus" and switch to the big graphics card before starting the game There is clearly a bug during the automatic graphics card switch.
    Please fix quickly this issu and test your game before putting them on sale!!
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    Hervus666! YOU are my hero. Thank you so much man :-)
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    You're welcome

    We shall hope EA fix this issue soon !
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    It's not an EA game!

    It's from Ubi.
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    oops Freudian slip
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    How do you do that?
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