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Ghost Recon Online: Combat Footage Contest

Looking to share your Ghost Recon Online Video and be recognized for your accomplishments? Look no further. We want you to create a video showcasing your use of a class ability to dominate or defend against the enemy! You could win a Ghost Recon Online T-Shirt, see below for details.

4/2 - 4/27

How It Works:

1. To begin, select a category that you want to create your video for:
  • Best Display of a Recon's Ability - Showcase the use of Oracle or Camouflage in an awesome way. (i.e Using Oracle to located the enemy, then filming your team as they mop everyone up)
  • Best Display of An Assault's Ability - Showcase the use of Blitz or HEAT in an awesome way (i.e Using Blitz to knock down an enemy, then shooting them in the face)
  • Best Display of a Specialist Ability - Showcase the use of Blackout or Aegis in an awesome way. (i.e Using Blackout to stun everyone, then throw a grenade at their feet)
2. Capture your video using a recording software. Recommended video size is 1280x720. Video should not exceed a duration of 30 seconds.

3. Upload your video on youtube

4. Fill out the Official Registration Form, including your persona name, link to video and the category your are submitting for.

All videos must be submitted before 4/27/2012. We will then review all submissions and pick our finalists. Finalists will be voted on by the community via a poll in this forum thread.


There will be (5) winners from each category, for a total of (15) winners. Winners will receive this awesome, never before released Ghost Recon Online T-Shirt!

  • All videos must be submitted via the Official Registration Form by 4/27/2012
  • Recommended video size is 1280x720
  • Videos should not exceed 30 seconds in length
  • Videos can use after-effects and may be edited.
  • Only 1 submission per user per category
Official Terms and Conditions may be found here