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    sace dump file.


    i have the samen problem save dump file.
    but nothing is working and i'm very angry on ubisoft.
    first i had problems whit anno 1404 then whit anno 2070 then whit far cry 2 and whit the settlers 7.
    so i hate it this is the 5 game from them and it have again a problem.
    i deinstal it but i doesn't work savegame's are oke.
    but i dont know but it doesn't work.
    serius every thing was working and there is a update and nothing is working.
    i start hawx and i see the begin and then a black screen after the video.
    so thank you for the beautifull work i like it. i have a nice black screen.
    i think i delet the savegame i asked on 3 forums but none of them seems to work.
    and this is the last 1 so i hope somewan can help me.
    and others i buy never again a game from ubisoft because nothing is working

    goodbuy thedead120
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    Maybe you can just calm down and say nicely what you problem is...
    Do you mean you cannot start you game? Maybe you need to delete your savegames... Have you tried that already?
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