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    Pause vs Pause

    Much like in life, where not all things are created equal, so is the case with the pause function.

    As many of us have discovered, in some exercises, the only way to keep the calorie counter going was to pause the game. This is especially true in all of the Boot Camp workouts. However, like my title says, not all pauses are are the same. I normally walk away from the game and let it pause on its own, then return to the game and continue. By doing this the calorie counter continues to go up, otherwise it stays the same if I do not pause. However, this makes it nearly impossible to keep a perfect chain giong, because of a slight delay between my walking away and the game entering a paused state.

    Today, I wanted to see what would happen if I just did the 45 degree arm thing to pause the game. Well I did it and was able to keep my chain going. In fact, I was able to get the highest chain I had yet scored in a Boot Camp Program, however, in my enthusiasm of keeping my chain going, I forgot to look at my calorie counter, which after 6 exercises, showed just 6 calories burned. For the next exercise, after realizing this, I did my normal step away to pause the game. Low and behold the next exercise I did, burned more calories than the previous 6 exercises combined.

    This pause test was done in Boot Camp 1, "Own It".

    So be warned, if you want to keep your calorie counter rising, you should step away to pause the game and not do the 45 degree angle thing to pause the game.

    Congratulations Ubishaft on other well programmed bug in this game.
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    Zdarma, we've already discussed this issue under the thread http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php...problem-Forums. Nevertheless, I can confirm your description to 100%. Other Boot Camp lessons are also affected by this bug.
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