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    BeefJerkyHunter's silly guide for the Specialist (closed beta)

    This is copied from the General Discussion forums and is based on the Phase 1 Closed Beta. I may change things as Phase 2 comes out. The feature in Phase 2 is that grenades will now bounce off the Aegis - I will have to test this.

    The Specialist class is the class with the biggest pushing power; no other class can initiate a safer and larger push than the Specialist's Aegis. The Specialist is also the counter to any pushes the enemy does with Blackout. Do note because the Specialist either pushes or counter-pushes, his combat range is effective from medium to short range. Be very cautious when taking on long ranged combat as the specialist.
    But one disadvantage to the Specialist is that it is very ability reliant in combat. Yes, you can do well with guns alone but you will find that the other classes have weapons that will far outmatch your own. Well, unless if you're using the shotgun; then just don't miss.

    The Specialist class has access to two primary weapons: the shotgun and the light machine gun and a secondary pistol.
    This weapon is the deadliest close ranged weapon in the game and it compliments the Specialist's kit well. It is suggested to use this ability with Blackout to take advantage of the disruption Blackout causes. Paired with Blackout, the shotgun is an effective defending weapon. Use Blackout on a capture point to disrupt the enemies capping, and seal the deal with the shotgun. You may use this with Aegis, but the shotgun's short range will not allow you to take out medium ranged targets which can cause more trouble later once the Aegis runs out.
    One thing that is nice about the shotgun is that you do not really have to buy attachments for it. The shotgun is effective alone as is; there is no need to buy grips, or scopes. But one thing I will suggest is purchasing Magnum Ammo for the shotgun to ensure that the target dies the first time. The silencer can make a good addition to the shotgun, but only purchase it if you feel the need to. For the most part though, you won't be needing it.

    Light Machine Gun:
    The light machine gun is the Specialist's "does everything" weapon. Medium ranged, short ranged, the rare long ranged combat, it does it all. Often times you will find this as the only weapon you'll ever need.
    Most LMGs start with a 100-round drum on them. The only exception is the L86 category where they start with 30 round magazines. This means that you won't find yourself reloading often which is nice for close ranged combat. But this comes at the price of slower firing rate which means you must be careful of when to poke yourself out to shoot.
    Here's my number one combat technique. If against an assault rifle or sub-machine gun in close ranged cover combat, if they start firing first, let them finish firing. Because the AR and SMG fire so much faster, they empty their magazine faster. The LMG however has 100 rounds to rely on. Once the enemy has finished firing and starts reloading, you can move on in and start shooting around the corner. If the enemy were to poke his head out, he'll likely die without much effort on your part. Just be careful still and aim your shots well so that the enemy doesn't win by a fluke.
    The LMG works best with the Aegis. Activate the Aegis and start moving up while taking out all targets on the way. Just be careful of those who happen to close the gap into your shield. That's why having buddies with you is nice. Blackout is also a nice combination as well, however be careful while using the LMG. Unlike the shotgun where it can kill in one hit, if the enemy knows they're being shot by something other than a shotgun they'll shoot back despite their poor vision. So place your shots well after using Blackout while using the LMG.
    The LMG MUST HAVE ATTACHMENTS. You will quickly find that the LMG has some faults such as poor accuracy/recoil and iron sights. The first two attachments that you should purchase are the 1.5 assault scope (or some other low magnification scope; the assault scope is the cheapest) and the grip. The improved sight will help you with target acquisition and also give you an uncluttered view. The grip will greatly reduce recoil and improve handling which is important in close ranged combat. Side note: the "handling" stat affects how quickly you can draw your weapon, the higher, the better. I advise against buying the bi-pod. It reduces your handling, and also reduces accuracy if you're not prone or in cover. This is very counter-intuitive to using Aegis or Blackout.

    Yes, it's the only kind of secondary there is. But really, buy one. Reloading an LMG can take a while so have the pistol ready for any rushes on you.

    The Specialist has two unique abilities: Aegis and Blackout.
    This is the ability the Specialist will be best known for. Aegis creates a "bubble shield" around the user that other friendly can get into. All allies can shoot through the shield, enemies cannot. This is by far the best pushing ability there is as it can protect yourself and allies while moving up especially from those pesky snipers. Do note that the Aegis drains more quickly while moving; if stationary the Aegis will last its full duration. So this also makes Aegis a nice ability to hold a point for example: point C on the Moscow City bridge.
    But make sure that you have teammates pushing with you at the same time; if alone your Aegis can be easily thwarted by these situations:

    • Blitz: You do not want to pick a 1v1 fight against an assault with Blitz. They'll just shield bash you and then kill you thereby wasting your Aegis.
    • A simple flank: Anyone who gets into your Aegis can kill you. Therefore anyone who flanks you will kill you.
    • Getting too close to enemy cover: As already stated, anyone in your Aegis can kill you. So be careful when approaching an enemy behind cover alone. Put some distance between the edge of the shield from the enemy.
    • Active Camouflage: It's a flanking technique, but better yet, a flank that is harder for you to see.
    • Grenades: This can also bust a group within an Aegis, but hopefully that group within the Aegis can take out the grenade thrower before he does anything. Impact grenades are the most deadly to the Aegis user as it is harder for him to avoid them.
    • Blackout: This can also bust group pushes, but this one can be avoided just by paying attention. If you hear a nice high-pitched charging sound, back off.
    • Heat: Another group buster but can be taken down if a teammate just steps out for a second. Heat can stop your whole push and another enemy can simply walk on in and kill all of you within the Aegis.
    • An enemy using Aegis with a shotgun: So you've got two people using Aegis. If one of them has a shotgun, he will win. Also take note if an enemy uses an Aegis AFTER you do, don't try to play the waiting game; your Aegis will disappear first. In this situation, if you've got an impact grenade, use it.

    Once you buy Aegis Mk.II you'll have three attachments to purchase:

    • Bigger Aegis: At the discretion that you must be careful with the bigger "bubble" (look at the ways of being countered above) your shield is also tougher. That means it won't break as quickly when people shoot at it. Apparently being barraged by bullets decreases the duration of the Aegis which makes sense.
    • Longer lasting Aegis: You can't go wrong with this. This'll help you maintain your pushes for a little bit longer.
    • Shorter recharge time: I would suggest this. A 10% reduction on recharge time will really help in the long run.

    Personally, this is my favorite ability. It doesn't provide as much utility as the Aegis does, but boy I love it anyhow. Within a 13 meter radius, enemies will be stunned for 2 seconds, their vision will be massively blurred, and they'll lose their abilities until they recharge again. This will go through walls and can reach up to higher floors. Also there really isn't a counter to Blackout except for another Blackout; or you just die before using it. Blackout also effectively counters these three abilities:

    • Aegis: See an enemy pushing with Aegis? Wait behind cover and charge up your Blackout and fry that silly Specialist.
    • Blitz: Oh my... my favorite. Blitzes are very easy to see coming and because they can't fire while running, you can activate Blackout at the last second and then just simply kill the guy.
    • Active Camouflage: This one can be tricky. But if you happen to see a Recon cloak very close to you, you can stop it.

    Do take note that Blackout makes a very disruptive field of vision for everybody. So be careful of where you place it, it's hard for those in the center of it to see. So if you use it right next to your teammates, you've essentially blinded them.
    With Blackout Mk.II there are three upgrade to choose from:

    • Bigger Blackout: This is the once I chose. A 20% increase on the range of blackout and also a 20% decrease on activation time. This can lead to using large Blackouts quickly. Perfect for defending points.
    • Longer Stun/Blur: This is useful if you're against people who start wildly firing after being hit by Blackout. That extra half second can work to your advantage.
    • Shorter Recharge Time: 10% shorter recharge time. You can't go wrong with this. Use this if you can't pick between the other two.

    Team Upgrades:
    There are two Team Upgrades to choose from when you hit level 9 and 20: Ammo regeneration, increase recharge rate.
    • Ammo: The first one is only 1 ammo/second. As slow as it sounds, it can be very useful. The next one is 2 ammo/second which is even better! This works nicely when you have multiple Specialists using this.
    • Recharge: The first one is a measly 3% increased recharge rate. That essentially translates into a 3% decrease in recharge time. This means on a 150 second recharge time, you save 4.5 seconds! As a player who is stuck with this one and is pretty much the only one who uses it, it sucks. You really need another Specialist using this to make it worthwhile. The second one is a 5% increase recharge rate. Not 6%!?!?!? Really..... Anyway this one can work nicely if used en masse.

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    Your intense Beef!
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    Very helpful info!
    I'm a console game mostly, but wanted to give this game a chance. I've got my beta access key and I'm downloading now, so while I still have much to learn about using a mouse/keyboard, I'm also one of the few who enjoys playing support; keeping the better players alive and going for the team win as opposed to just run-and-gunning.
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    Originally Posted by IronshadowPC Go to original post
    Very helpful info!
    I'm a console game mostly, but wanted to give this game a chance. I've got my beta access key and I'm downloading now, so while I still have much to learn about using a mouse/keyboard, I'm also one of the few who enjoys playing support; keeping the better players alive and going for the team win as opposed to just run-and-gunning.
    Once you understand how to use a mouse and keyboard to play games, you wont want to go back to a joystick. Also don't get discouraged to play support based on the starting LMG you get, it was a very frustrating gun for me. IMO specialist is the best class atm, but was the least played class in phase 1 of the beta.
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    You should also do a guide on counter strategies so people understand there are ways to counter every class ability. You seem to have an ability that eludes me forum wise on how to get a message across.

    Also I enjoy my LMG against non-expierenced snipers, semi with the l86, BAM BAM BAM, Headshots.

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    The Assault 1.5x is 750, whilst the Reflex Full 1x is 600. Although it says narrow FOV, it's open enough to give you enough FOV to keep your target in sight. You shouldn't worry about it too much unless you have scope tunnel vision, which in itself is a BAD BAD BAD habit. Just preaim the area from cover, and pop out either unzoomed (WASD out of cover) , or straight up zoomed (right mouse/ADS out of cover).

    Putting it on the starter MK5 GI makes it sooooo much better, it's also like the recoil was reduced. Not sure what the zoom is for ironsights, but adding that 1x optic made the gun much, much more tolerable.
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