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    BLOG: "The Art of Video Games" by Sabre

    BLOG: "The Art of Video Games" by Sabre

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    Nice Sabre! You're great on camera by the way!
    That'd totally be something I'd love to see! Wonder if anything like that is headed toward Seattle anytime soon...
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    Didn't even realize there was a Doll at the event! I'm so out of touch.

    Love the writeup and the video on this - I was there too and I really enjoyed the exhibit as well! There's a book available for those who might not be able to get to the exhibit, with the same title I think.
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    Oh snap! Yeah, that museum is totally within walking distance of my apartment! They're having a Nirvana exhibit as we speak!
    Totally bookmarked this.Thanks, Kim!
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    This made me so nostalgic!
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    I agree, this totally made me feel nostalgic. I saw some of the games that changed my life and solidified that I would be playing games FOREVER. I see that they're coming to FL. I'll have to play a road trip to Miami then!
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    Yes the video games have a lot of nice art.
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