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    Achievements not recognising completed tasks

    I'm at level 53. I've completed all the 12 Critical Cases, now going through doing them all again to get 5 stars for each.

    In the achievements, it hasn't recognised that I've unlocked:

    Pharm-er - Unlock 6th Phamacy Table
    Pill Pusher - Unlock 12th Pharmacy table
    Star-Spangled - Earn 30 total stars for completing all episodes
    Star-Studded - complete any five episodes five times

    Also when I visit the Help Desk to review and I've completed a critical case with no patient, it comes up with a message telling me I've completed all the cases, but when I try to exit or look at other tabs, it comes up with the "completion" message ..

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    achievement problem

    I didn't get my points and trophy for unlocking my 12th pharmacy table achievement. Did your problem get solved.
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    Hi All,

    If your game is not registering achievements correctly, please contact Support, so they can look at your game behind the scenes.

    Please contact them at https://secure.ubi.com/register/Login.aspx

    Please make sure you are logged into you Uplay/Facebook Account. Under Platform and Title, select “Facebook/Web Games” and in the same dropdown you will see “House” and then select your category.

    For instructions on how to submit a ticket: http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php...ontact-Support

    HouseMD Team
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