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The ones that Mute works on are the "skilless" players.
Thats not true in ACR. In ACB i can dodge mute 9.9/10 times, but in ACR maybe 7-8/10. I would climb up a ledge and then get pulled down (super annoying). I play with my friend a lot and hes a very good defensive player and at one i climbed the ledge before he even muted, then i saw him mute and i was dragged down which was complete bs.

As for SB, now when i dodge it i end up coughing on top of the boxes in vencie or the tents in rome leading my pursuer to either run away (before the patch i would have acrobat their ***).

Yesterday i was playing DM, and this guy runs up to me (100 pt kill most likely) and then throws smoke when i go for stun/honorable death. then he poisons me and gets 400 pt kill. I mean thats COMPLETE BS and no skill.

As for ubisoft and rules, that company does not give 2 cents about the community if they did they would have fixed tons of bugs/glitches/team matchmaking instead of pumping out DLC after DLC (btw how is that their map dlc working out for people who bought it) so do not bring their rules. Not to mention they wont have overpowered their SB after the facct that more than 95% of the community think its overpowered by a huge margin. Not to mention they would have taken care of WELL PROVEN BOOSTERS and that joke of 20k cap.

P.S. @luckyto yes thats me, but it was during the time with christmas noobs and since then i have only played like 3 games of S DM.